Apr 03, 2024

Merit Street Media - TBN's New Partner Network

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Network is Led by #1 Syndicated, Award Winning, Television Host Dr. Phil McGraw

Merit Street brings values-focused TV themed on truth, justice, and common sense.

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, April 2, 2024 — TBN, America’s most-watched faith-and-family network, announced that a dynamic new partner channel, Merit Street Media, launched today, April 2nd, on cable, satellite, broadcast, and streaming platforms nationwide.

Heading up the innovative new network is Dr. Phil McGraw, whose daily talk show, Dr. Phil, was the #1 syndicated talk show and one of the most popular programs on daytime TV for over twenty years, garnering a record ten million viewers a week in the U.S. alone.

His new nightly show, Dr. Phil Primetime, anchors a relevant and engaging program lineup on Merit Street Media, with trusted voices like justice advocate Nancy Grace, popular global adventurer Bear Grylls, Emmy Award-winning entertainer Steve Harvey, and many more. Merit Street also features one of America’s most informed and capable news teams, committed to the relentless pursuit of truth, free of speculation and opinion, and an understanding that the headline of any story is only the beginning.

“Merit Street Media will be a resource of information and strategies to fight for America and its families, which are under a cultural ‘woke’ assault as never before,” said Dr. Phil. “I love this country and I believe family is the backbone of our society. Together we are going to stand strong and fight for the very soul and sanity of America and get things that matter back on track.”

As TBN continues to cover the earth with the gospel message through biblical teaching, preaching, and worship, Merit Street will come to millions of new viewers with compelling, truth-filled content seasoned throughout with values that can positively impact individuals and families.

Dr. Phil emphasized that the teachings of the Gospel have never been more important than they are right now, but many people need to witness those teachings in a practical modern-world setting. “I think you have to use language and examples that people can understand and relate to,” he explained. “And that is the goal of Merit Street. We won’t preach the Gospel, but we’ll do our best each day to model it in an authentic way.” He added: “I hope everyone who watches TBN understands that what we are providing through Merit Street is a fortification of the ministry of TBN. We’re fellow-travelers on a very important mission.”

Commenting on the new network partnership, TBN president Matt Crouch said: “What has really come home to Laurie and me as we’ve sat across from Dr. Phil and heard his heart is that here at TBN our mission, as it has always been, is to show people what the good news of the gospel is all about. Meanwhile, the mission of Dr. Phil and Merit Street Media is to teach people how to walk out the gospel every day in the real world in practical, useful ways. Merit Street is all about communicating the principles of Jesus in a way people can see and understand. For all of us here at TBN, this is a dream come true.”

About TBN

TBN is the world’s most-watched faith-and-family broadcasting network, available in 98 percent of U.S. households and reaching over 175 nations with inspirational programming in 17 languages on over 30 global networks. As the original pioneer of faith-based television, TBN is expanding into other marketplaces including publishing and innovative digital content, all designed to reach every viewer demographic with the life-changing message of hope and grace. Find out more about TBN at tbn.org.

About Merit Street Media

Merit Street Media™ is a premier multi-platform destination media brand spearheaded by Dr. Phil McGraw, the esteemed best-selling author and award-winning television host. Launching April 2, 2024, Merit Street will create and distribute compelling content across diverse platforms, reaching audiences nationwide.

The backbone of Merit Street’s media presence is its television network, established in partnership with the Trinity Broadcasting Network. This fully distributed, cable, satellite, and free over-the-air broadcast media brand extends its initial reach to over 65 million U.S. television homes.

The network boasts a rich tapestry of original and acquired programming, anchored by the highly anticipated nightly talk show, Dr. Phil Primetime. Situated in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the expansive Merit Street studios serve as the dynamic hub for the brand. Here, multiple hours of daily live news broadcasts will unfold, embodying Merit Street Media’s commitment to deliver engaging and informative content. Find out more about Merit Street Media at meritstreetmedia.com.