New Series on TBN Documents God's Presence and Power in People's Lives | TBN

New Series on TBN Documents God's Presence and Power in People's Lives

LOS ANGELES (January 3, 2017) — A fascinating new weekly series on Christian television's Trinity Broadcasting Network documents God's move in the lives of people around the world. Produced by veteran documentary filmmaker Darren Wilson, Adventures With God is an extension of the viral films that Wilson has produced over the last ten years, documenting miracles and the power of God breaking into the lives of mostly unsuspecting individuals across the earth.


Beginning with Finger of God, which he made in 2007 as a novice filmmaker with almost no budget, Wilson has gone on to produce a handful of powerful documentaries that have introduced millions of viewers to the miraculous, including Furious Love, Father of Lights, Holy Ghost, and Holy Ghost Reborn.


In each weekly installment of Adventures With God, Wilson travels the world with seasoned men and women of God to facilitate “divine appoints” with a wide range of individuals who have no idea they are about to be touched by a God who cares about them and their unique needs. In the process, Wilson and team come face-to-face with crucial questions about faith and the process of how God reaches out to a world filled with broken and needy people.


Wilson said that over the past decade of traveling in search of the miraculous, “I've captured some of the most incredible moments of faith and miracles ever caught on film. But I've also discovered that faith is as much about questions as it is answers, as much mystery as it is certainty. In Adventures With God, we'll wrestle with some of those big questions about God — but we'll also see faith in its purest form.”


Don't miss Adventures With God, debuting Tuesday, January 3rd, at 9 p.m. Pacific (11 p.m. Central, 12 a.m. Eastern), exclusively on the Trinity Broadcasting Network — and streaming online at


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