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TBN's Dr. Paul Crouch Remembers Beloved Gospel Singer George Beverly Shea

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LOS ANGELES (April 20, 2013) — George Beverly Shea once said that he was grateful “for the opportunity to sing a little song before that man speaks.” That man, of course, was Dr. Billy Graham, and Mr. Shea was destined to be Billy Graham's featured soloist for over 65 years, his rich baritone becoming synonymous with such sacred classics as “Just As I Am,” “I'd Rather Have Jesus,” and the song he introduced to American audiences in 1957, “How Great Thou Art.”


Likewise, Dr. Graham said that it would have been difficult for him to preach to the multitudes without having their hearts first prepared by a song from Bev Shea. Altogether it is estimated that Mr. Shea blessed over 200 million people at Billy Graham crusades throughout his career. He passed away April 16 at 104, having completed the race God set before him.


Like Other Christian leaders Dr. Paul Crouch, founder and President of Trinity Broadcasting Network, recalled George Beverly Shea as a humble man of God whose testimony in song and lifestyle was a blessing to him personally. “TBN has had the privilege to partner many times with Dr. Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” said Dr. Crouch. “We have been the broadcast partner on some key U.S. crusades, and for years have aired classic Billy Graham programs on TBN. One of the biggest blessings for me and many others throughout that time has been to hear the unwavering, steady voice of George Beverly Shea declaring the love and faithfulness of God through song. While the voice that inspired and comforted millions all over the world has been silenced, it is thrilling to know that George Beverly Shea is now in the presence of the Lord, leading out with that old familiar strain, 'Then sings my soul.' And just as thrilling is the realization that there are many souls joining him in heaven who are there because of George Beverly Shea's humble, steadfast testimony.”


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