TBN's Holy Land Experience Family Vacation and Worship Destination in Orlando, Florida Sets Attendance Record as Thousands of Guests Enjoy Entertaining, Impacting Dramatic Productions | TBN

TBN's Holy Land Experience Family Vacation and Worship Destination in Orlando, Florida Sets Attendance Record as Thousands of Guests Enjoy Entertaining, Impacting Dramatic Productions

ORLANDO, FLA. (January 31, 2014) — Trinity Broadcasting Network's Holy Land Experience, the unique Orlando, Florida faith-and-family vacation destination that brings the land of the Bible to life, set an incredible attendance record January 28th for its annual free admission day.


“Each year we dedicate at least one day to bless our guests with complimentary access to the sights, sounds, exhibits, anointed music, and impacting dramatic productions at Holy Land Experience,” said the park's manager Mike Everett. “And this year we set a new attendance record, with a total of 3,335 guests coming to Holy Land Experience on Tuesday January 28th.”


Mr. Everett noted that the day could not have been more ideal, featuring beautiful weather and a huge crowd of very appreciative individuals and families who waited in line to walk through the park's realistic re-creations of biblical sites like the Wilderness Tabernacle, the Great Temple, and Jesus' Garden Tomb, to participate in a Last Supper Communion with Jesus and His disciples, and to view the priceless manuscripts, biblical antiquities, and artifacts on display at the park's world-renowned Scriptorium.


As always, guests were also entertained and inspired by the park's award-winning theatrical productions, including:


The Passion, which recounts with stirring music and intense action the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


The Four Women Who Loved Jesus, which explores the lives and destinies of four women in the Bible who experienced dramatic encounters with Christ.


Forgiven, which tells with power and passion the riveting accounts of God's redemption in the lives of three unforgettable Bible characters.


The Fullness of Time Has Come, recounting the incredible story of Christ's birth from the perspective of the heavenly angels commissioned to announce to the world the coming of the Savior.


Legna, a hilarious comedy featuring the clever retelling of classic Bible stories that powerfully demonstrates how God's messengers are still at work in our world today.


“During all of these programs, there were numerous invitations for guests to receive Christ or to bow in prayer for needs,” said Mr. Everett, “and it is not a stretch to say that thousands responded. Many of our guests were visibly impacted by what they experienced.”


Comments by guests confirmed that it was a life-changing experience for many. One called it “the most touching experience I have ever had.” Another noted that “the Holy Spirit is ever present in this place. You feel it the moment you walk in the gates.” And another called Holy Land Experience “a wonderful witness for Christ in Central Florida.”


Mr. Everett noted that the park's staff is already gearing up for the beginning of Florida's Spring break vacation season in the next several weeks, as individuals and families will travel to the Orlando area from around the nation and world. “Thousands of people look forward to visiting the Holy Land Experience every year,” he said. “And we always look forward to welcoming them to this oasis of God's presence right in the middle of America's favorite vacation spot.”


About Holy Land Experience

Situated near the vacation paradise of Orlando, Florida, TBN's Holy Land Experience offers an unforgettable adventure that immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, historical time frames — and impacting truths — of the Bible. With its colorful and realistic re-creations of ancient Israel, exciting dramatizations of favorite Bible stories, and awe-inspiring theatrical productions, Holy Land Experience has become a must-see attraction for individuals, families, and groups from across America and around the world. For more on TBN's Holy Land Experience, log on to www.holylandexperience.com.


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