Jan 21, 2013

Trinity Broadcasting Network Honors the Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King

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LOS ANGELES (January 21, 2013) — Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network joins with the rest of the nation on January 21 to honor the life and legacy of American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. TBN founder and President Dr. Paul Crouch said that in addition to providing the foundational leadership that helped ensure the God-given rights all Americans enjoy today, Dr. King offered himself as a model of biblical humility and servanthood — a legacy that continues to inspire and challenge individuals from all walks of life.


"Jesus said that whoever would be greatest in the kingdom of God must be the servant of all,” said Dr. Crouch. “During the height of his ministry and outreach for racial equality Dr. King showed what true servanthood was all about. Time and again he willingly risked his reputation, his future, and his very life for the sake of the God-given dream that all individuals — regardless of race, ethnicity, or other differences — could live together in harmony and freedom. In life he appealed to all Americans to join him in pursuing that dream. And through his tragic death he helped unite the nation in realizing the dream.”


TBN ministry partner Dr. T.D. Jakes, pastor of the Potter's House in Dallas and a long-time friend of Dr. King's family, summed up the impacting heritage the beloved civil rights leader left to his fellow Americans, noting that Dr. King “lived by faith with love, justice, and truth as the triumvirate of his legacy.... Like Jesus, he was singular in purpose, misunderstood even in the context of his times, taken far too soon, but leaving the next generation with the formula for success: to be of service to others.”


TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch noted that throughout its 40-year history TBN has been deeply influenced by the legacy of Dr. King and those who stood with him in the struggle for equality among all peoples. “Since the first day this network went on the air in 1973, we have made a conscious commitment to ensure that every race, ethnicity, and people group play an integral role in broadcasting the gospel throughout the earth via TBN's growing family of networks,” he said.


He added that “the Bible is crystal clear in its depiction of an eternal day in which every tribe, nation, and people will take their place around God's throne. Ultimately, we believe, that is the foundation of Dr. Martin Luther King's noble and undying dream.”


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