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Trinity Broadcasting Network Reflects on Founder Paul Crouch's Legacy as It Looks to Continued Global Outreach

LOS ANGELES (January 7, 2014) — Two thousand thirteen was an unforgettable year for Trinity Broadcasting Network as the world's largest religious broadcaster mourned the passing of its visionary founder on the heels of marking a major Christian broadcasting milestone.


On November 30th, just six months after celebrating the 40th anniversary of the network he and wife Jan Crouch launched on May 28, 1973 with one small low-power station, Dr. Paul Crouch passed to his heavenly reward — but not before he had the opportunity to survey the expanse of TBN's global influence.


“Throughout much of 2013 my parents had the joy of looking back with their many friends and partners on the 40-year miracle of Trinity Broadcasting Network,” said TBN Vice President Matthew Crouch. “In fact, over the past year and a half before his home-going my dad was able to travel throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, visiting the many places where he and TBN established Christian networks that continue to broadcast life-changing programming throughout the earth 24 hours a day.”


Among the most notable stops Dr. Crouch made on his final global TBN tour was the network's recently completed state-of-the-art international studio in London; the new TBN Shalom network and studio in Jerusalem; the TBN Russia facility in St. Petersburg, that serves a half dozen networks broadcasting Russian language programming throughout the world; and the TBN hub in the Philippines, that coordinates the the network's massive broadcast presence throughout Asia.


Throughout the trip, which also included stops at TBN's 37 full-power stations across the U.S., Dr. Crouch had the opportunity to thank TBN's many staff, programmers, and partners for their crucial role in the network's mission of taking the gospel to viewers all over the world, and to spur them on to continue the work.


“To my father, success was all about the individuals in every corner of the earth who have helped TBN reach out with programming that has impacted countless millions of individuals and families for time and eternity,” said Matthew Crouch. “Throughout his life tens of millions came to Christ as a direct result of TBN's outreach, and we believe that millions more will be added to that number before Christ returns. This is the rich legacy that defined the life of Paul Crouch, and it is the motivation that will guide the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks into the future.”


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