The Chosen Unveiled

The Chosen Unveiled

The Chosen Unveiled: A TBN Original Series

The Chosen Unveiled is a captivating TBN original series that takes viewers on a profound journey through the biblical and prophetic significance of the groundbreaking show, The Chosen. Hosted by messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel, who serves as the spiritual advisor for The Chosen tv show, this series offers unique perspectives on the themes and ideas that have made the show a global phenomenon.

With his extensive knowledge of both the Bible and Jewish traditions, Rabbi Sobel brings the old and the new together, revealing hidden truths and reconciling ancient wisdom with the teachings of the Messiah. Through his insightful analysis of the show's most memorable moments, Rabbi Sobel helps viewers gain a deeper understanding of the historical and biblical context that shapes the timeless story of Jesus and His disciples.

As a teaching companion to The Chosen,The Chosen Unveiled enhances the viewing experience and brings the Bible to life in powerful and meaningful ways. Rabbi Sobel's passion for revealing the depths of God's Word and his dedication to bridging the gap between Jewish and Christian perspectives make this series a must-watch for anyone seeking to grow in their faith and understanding of the Scriptures. Stream it now on TBN+ and join the conversation.

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