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Tell Us Your TBN Story


Do you have a story about how God has used TBN to impact your life or the life of a loved one?  If so, it would be a source of great encouragement to hear about it!


TBN is celebrating the powerful ways that God blesses His people and we’re inviting you to share your TBN story by sending us an email or video so that we can use it to encourage others!


There are two ways you can tell us your TBN story:  You can write (type) out your story, or you can tell us your story using video.  You need not do both.  Either way, we must receive your submission using the form below.  


NOTE: Not all submissions will be shared on TBN. Calls to us are not necessary.  We will contact you if we need additional information, but we truly thank you for sharing your TBN story with us.  

My TBN Story

Upload a short video of your story.

Files must be less than 256 MB.
Allowed file types: mov mp4.

How to Tell Us Your TBN Story With Email


1.  Complete every field of the form below.  Be sure to type your TBN story in the large text box provided.  If you type it, then you don't need to upload a video.

2.  Tell us your TBN story. What were the challenges you were facing?

3.  What did you need from God at the time?

4.  Was there a pivotal moment that brought a response or positive change?

5.  How did you respond? What happened after that?

6.  Explain how the power of God worked in your life to bring about transformation.

7.  Is there anything you would tell viewers watching TBN?


How to Share Your TBN Story With Video


  • 1.  Fill out the form below completely. (You don't need to type your TBN story in the textbox if you are uploading a video.) 

  • 2.  Use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to record your 60-second video.

  • 3.  Upload the video file by clicking the "Choose File" button and then clicking "Upload."

  • 4.  Submit the form with your uploaded video.


After we have reviewed your story, we will contact you by email if we are interested in sharing your story on TBN.  There is no need to call us to inquire further.  Thank you for your submission.  


If you have any questions about TBN's Tell Us Your Story campaign, please email us at .



Terms & Conditions


The purpose for submitting my TBN story is to glorify God and encourage fellow believers, therefore, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. I give my irrevocable consent to share my testimony on all platforms of TBN. I also give my consent to have my testimony shared in TBN video resources and web or print.

2. I agree to the editing of my video for the purpose of length and presentation without compromising the accuracy of my testimony.

3. I release my testimony voluntarily and confirm that the information contained therein is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.

4. I agree that I will make no claims against TBN or its publishers (including any licensees and assigns) in connection with the use of my testimony in TBN ministry content or any related public materials.