Hysteria, Hatred and History

October 7th Special - Hysteria, Hatred and History

Witness the Tragic Events of October 7, 2023, and Their Profound Impact

In this gripping four-part documentary series, award-winning Israeli American filmmaker Dan Gordon provides an in-depth look at the tragic and momentous events that took place near Gaza on October 7, 2023. Through powerful storytelling and exclusive interviews, Gordon sheds light on the horror, heroism, hatred, hysteria, history, and hope that emerged from this fateful day.

As a reserve duty captain in the Israel Defense Forces with nearly 50-years of experience in Hollywood, Gordon brings a unique perspective to this compelling series. He takes viewers on an emotional journey, exploring the ramifications and implications of October 7th for Israel and the world.

Don't miss the premiere of this groundbreaking documentary series on TBN, starting with two pre-specials:

Followed by four episodes:

  • The Horror
  • The Heroism
  • Hysteria, Hatred, and History
  • The Hope

For more details about the program, check out our blog article here.

Tune in to TBN on June 14 for the premiere of Dan Gordon's October 7, 2023 documentary series and experience this powerful journey for yourself.

Part 3 of 4 Part DocuSeries - HYSTERIA, HATRED AND HISTORY

Hysteria, Hatred and History - Within less than 24 hours of the beginning of the Hamas massacre there were demonstrations, not in Baghdad or Teheran, but in New York, London, Toronto, and Paris, not calling for any cease-fire ( since Hamas was winning) but in " solidarity " with the terrorists who had committed the worst atrocities against a religious minority since Isis and the worst slaughter of Jews since the Nazi Holocaust. This episode examines the misconceptions, canards, and outright lies that have been accepted as truth by people who see the world as divided into only two categories; white, colonial settler oppressors and those they oppress and for whom mass murder, torture, and rape are defined as "legitimate resistance". This bodes ill not only for Israel but every Western democracy especially the United States which one Professor from The University of Minnesota calls the "greatest predator empire in human history and which must, for the sake of all life on earth be dismantled.". This episode examines that hysteria, the hatred at its core, and the real history of the Israel / Palestinian conflict.