Restoring America with Erick Stakelbeck

Restoring America with Erick Stakelbeck

As the United States is faced with out-of-control inflation, the rise of the “woke” movement, growing crime, COVID chaos, civil unrest, insecure borders and a gathering storm of global threats, it’s clear that a new course is desperately needed for our country.

What is the way forward to restore America, both at home and abroad? How can conservative, tradition-minded Americans still thrive when the levers of power today seem largely aligned against them, from Big Tech to the current administration? And what role can people of faith play in helping to lead an American restoration?

Are the common-sense policies that have made Florida and Texas so successful be a blueprint for the rest of the country? And can the United States reclaim its mantle as Leader of the Free World—a beacon of hope and freedom for all?


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Nov 07, 2022 Restoring America with Erick Stakelbeck