You'll Get Through This with Max Lucado

Life pulls us down. The cares of the world snatch at our dreams. We redefine ourselves according to our catastrophes, and before we know it, our lives are reduced to making money, making a name, or just making it through the day. Forgotten destinies litter the landscape of our world. Maybe even yours… But God hasn’t forgotten. He has never stopped dreaming about your destiny. From best selling author and speaker, Max Lucado, comes You'll Get Through This: A Survival Guide for Turbulent Times. Inspired by the story of Joseph in the Bible, this new series is a reminder that you can always trust God to trump evil. No matter where you are or what you're facing: With God’s help, You'll Get Through This.


Thursday, Dec 2nd
07:00 AM
Sunday, Dec 5th
09:00 PM
Thursday, Dec 9th
07:00 AM