The lives of millions of Ukrainian individuals and families have been torn apart by the violence of war. As believers we are called to bear the burdens of those in need in practical ways that bring comfort and hope.

Thank you for joining us as we reach out to those who need God’s love and mercy.

We've Launched TBN UA

A dedicated Christian network focused on reaching Ukrainian people with the message of hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Through this 24-hour digital viewing platform, Ukrainians can discover and experience the peace and assurance of the gospel anytime and anywhere in their own language.

Mission of Good

At this time, educational resources and school supplies are their greatest need, and our heart is to meet that need for every school and every student. By helping to restore the educational system in Ukraine, we hope to encourage and empower the youth and families of this great country. Buildings may be destroyed. Books may be burned. But, here, in war-torn Ukraine, miracles are happening. Join us as we reach children of all ages and see God work His wonders.

Watch the video to learn more about the “Mission of Good” project, founded by TBN UA.

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