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This Month: Supernatural Healing

This Month: Supernatural Healing
Sunday, March 1, 2020 / Matt and Laurie Crouch

Discover the Pathway to Healing.


God's Heart is for You to be Healthy, Whole, and Healed.
Your Bible is filled with instances of miraculous, supernatural healings. Read the Bible through, and it’s hard to miss the message that God loves to heal. In fact, one of the first things God told the Israelites about Himself was, “… I am the LORD, who heals you” (Exodus 15:26).
That same tour through God’s Word will also convince you there are nearly an infinite number of ways that God heals! Since March is Healing Month at TBN, we wanted to share one of the many testimonies we receive that demonstrate God’s desire and power to heal.
Jessica writes:
I'm serving time in prison and was recently healed through taking Communion.
I give God all the glory. Praise the Lord! My diabetes is gone! Memory issues gone! God is good!
In this fallen world, we all stand in need of God’s healing, forgiveness, and restoration—whether battling sickness in body or soul. TBN is called to bring you life-giving truth and encouragement about God’s goodness and power and, at the same time, deliver it to others who desperately need to hear it.

TBN is also here for you with healing programming, testimonies, and a 24-hour Prayer Center ...


We are so grateful you are part of this worldwide ministry of healing, transformation, and breakthrough. TBN is also here for you with healing programming, testimonies, and a 24-hour Prayer Center when you or a loved one is believing for God’s miraculous restoration.


What we believe about healing matters. And God’s Word can and should inform what we believe. Along these lines, F.F. Bosworth, in his well-known book Christ the Healer, shares a story about planting in “good ground” (see Matthew 13:23, KJV):
When the farmer gets his seed into the ground, he does not dig it up every day to see
how it is doing, but says, “I am glad that is settled.” He believes the seed has begun 
its work. Why not have this same faith in the “imperishable seed”—Christ’s Words, 
which He says are “spirit and life.” Believe that they are already doing their work … 
One way to “believe the seed has begun its work” is by meditating on God’s Word and boldly, consistently declaring the truth of Scripture over your life. When we let Scripture take root in our hearts and minds, hope and faith rise.
Another way is simply through prayer. In his book The Essential Guide to Healing, our friend Bill Johnson, senior pastor at Bethel Church and teacher on the weekly program Heaven to Earth, shares some important encouragement about the power of prayer for healing: 
Bill Johnson
Healing was a major part of Jesus’ ministry. There is no cancer in heaven. Neither is there any blindness or deafness or any other malady in that realm. Freedom from disease is God’s will on earth. Period. God has not commanded us to pray for healing in order to frustrate us. Neither is prayer a spiritual exercise created to make us hungry for eternity. We are not to believe, physical health will never happen here; this can only happen in heaven. It is reserved as our eternal reward. Heaven is meant to invade earth in this area. 
The diligent, relentless, focused prayer of a surrendered generation is what will accomplish this assignment.
“Heaven on earth.” How? Through prayer. In James 5:15 (TPT), we read:
And the prayer of faith will heal the sick and
the Lord will raise them up, and if they have
committed sins they will be forgiven.


If you or a loved one needs a healing touch from God, we urge you to take hold of God’s healing promises. The Bible is abundantly clear that it’s God’s will for you to be healthy, whole, and healed. That’s one reason why everything we do here at TBN is to draw people to God’s promises and to the Savior who died in the ultimate display of His grace.
We never know the valleys people are going through. That’s why TBN offers healing-focused programming from wonderful ministers, including Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes, John Gray, and many more, like Andrew Wommack. As one of the leading teachers on healing today, he encourages viewers to pray Scripture:
Andrew Wommack
First Peter 2:24 says by His stripes you were healed. Now, you are going to take your authority and your position in Christ, and you are going to say, “Father, I thank You that before I ever got sick, you had already provided, and you have put the same healing power in me that raised Jesus Christ. Thank You.  And in Proverbs 18:21, it says, Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (KJV). … So, Father, right now I receive what You’ve done, and I use the power that’s in my tongue to release it, and I say, ‘Healing, come in the Name of Jesus.’” – You’ve Already Got It
You can watch this complete message from Andrew Wommack on-demand at And here’s another faith-building word, this one from Joseph Prince:
Joseph Prince
Don’t forget what Jesus says, “... whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 18:18, ESV). The Word doesn’t say “what God binds, what God disallows …” No, God says, “What you prohibit, what you bind, what you disallow, I will disallow in heaven. Whatever you allow, I will allow in heaven.” Your healing has been provided, so you must say, “I disallow this [sickness].” The most important thing is consistency and believing that God wants you to be free, even from this problem.
– Feed on God’s Word for Your Healing and Success, Part 1.
Dear Partner, remember that no two healings in Scripture appear to be alike. For example, Jesus healed numerous blind people, yet each healing encounter is unique. There’s a lesson in this. Yes, expect a miracle. But don’t expect that God’s way of getting to your miracle is necessarily going to look like someone else’s.


TBN is committed to helping you believe for a personal, miraculous healing by pointing you to teachers well-studied in this topic through our live programming, on-demand, and more! We also make a variety of healing-focused resources available for you. Visit and find books, CDs, and DVDs to take you even deeper into the Word. And the TBN Prayer Center is available anytime, day or night, to believe with you for healing in any area of your life. Please call 1-888-731-1000.
Over the years, we have received thousands of testimonies and can bear witness to this truth: There are many ways to healing, but there’s only one Healer. His Name is Jesus! We leave you today with a life-changing testimony of Jesus’ healing power from a viewer named Gail:
A few years ago, I was struggling with severe drug addiction, almost to the point of death. 
I began watching TBN and surrendered my will to God. Watching your programs
helped me realize how much God loves me and that Jesus paid it all. I am set free. 

Matt and Laurie Crouch


We are praying from victory with you in Jesus’ Name.

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