Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes’ journey in ministry began in the 1970s and spans over five decades. Born in Ohio in 1950, he later moved to Texas where he found both his spiritual calling and the love of his life, Kathy. They are blessed with a son, daughter, and six grandchildren. Mike’s dedication to ministry is evident through his contributions. His book “When God is First” is an international bestseller, echoing his message across the globe.

In 2016, Mike established the Center for National Renewal in D.C. The next year Mike worked with the White House as a Faith Advisor involving issues close to his heart and experience like an Israel peace plan and visits to the Southern border seeking immigration solutions. Since 2020, Mike has pivoted to his latest and greatest mission: writing, teaching, and coaching the next generation of leaders with a kingdom mindset. The foundation of Mike’s journey remains rooted in unity. His commitment to racial reconciliation and healing is emphasized in his five-decade-long journey. Founding Pastor of Covenant Church, he and Kathy built a community where over 100 nations found representation and community-and which is now under the leadership of their daughter Amie Dockery.

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