Drive Thru History: Ancient History on TBN

Drive Thru History: Ancient History

Drive Thru History is a joy ride through the fast lane of times-gone-by led by the irreverent but always relevant Dave Stotts. Dave doesn’t just talk about history. He lives it in fast, easy-to-digest road trips, like the trip to the Coliseum in Rome where Dave accidentally picks a fight with one of those cheesy “Roman Guards” who’ll pose for a picture for a couple of Euros. Suddenly, Dave is Maximus in a fight to the death (in his mind, that is). Drive Thru History is a series that makes exploring the history of Western Civilization both meaningful and entertaining. Dave checks out the ancient civilizations starting in Egypt or Mesopotamia and then on his way out of town spin by Greece. With a major excursion through the Roman Empire, Dave will be sure to open ‘er up in Europe with an eventual side trip to America. It is sure to be an enjoyable ride with Dave Stotts as your guide. You might even learn a thing or two about history and how we’re all connected to these places and events. This is over 2500 years of history… so we had better make it fast. And who wants to be lectured to… so we’d better make it fun. That’s part of the story. Remember, Ferdinand Magellan, Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus…never had a driver’s license.