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Recent Announcements for 2016



What are vacationers to Central Florida saying about Holy Land Experience, Orlando's one-of-a-kind faith-and-family theme park that brings the land of the Bible to life? How about this for a start: “A Must Experience!” / “Powerful Performances.” / “The Highlight of My Trip!” / “Like Being in the Holy Land.” These and hundreds of other enthusiastic endorsements are coming in to TripAdvisor, one of the most-used travel websites on the Internet.

Recent Announcements for 2015



When Meadowlark Lemon passed away December 27th at the age of 83, he was remembered by the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, and other major press outlets as a basketball legend and the most recognizable face of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters. At Christian television leader Trinity Broadcasting Network he was recalled as a close friend and deeply committed Christian whose gentle humor and genuine faith lightened hearts and inspired a generation of TBN viewers around the world.


Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world's premier Christian television network and America's most-watched faith channel, is gearing up with friends and partners for its historic Grace Israel Tour 2016, a ten-day tour of the Holy Land, February 22 through March 2, 2016, hosted by TBN's Matthew and Laurie Crouch and featuring the powerful grace teachings of popular TBN ministry partner Joseph Prince.



Over two million men and women are serving time in America's prisons — and TBN wants to take God's hope and healing to every single one of them!


On Friday, November 6th, the Trinity Broadcasting Network will air a very special tribute to beloved evangelist Billy Graham on the occasion of his 97th birthday November 7th.



Is God only for the good, the polished, the nice — the “religious”? Or is He there for the bad and the ugly, the misfit, the underdog, the overlooked, the lost, and the left-behind? Here's what Vegas pastor Vince Antonucci has to say.


What if someone made a movie that was totally directed by God? What would that look like? That's what veteran documentary filmmaker Darren Wilson had in mind when he took up the challenge of filming Holy Ghost ...



In a land once ruled by the iron fist of communist oppression, the light of God's love is breaking through. Earlier this summer global Christian television's Trinity Broadcasting Network began devoting a block of airtime on TBN Europe to Polish language Christian programming, the first steps in a plan to launch TBN Polska, a full-time Christian network in the nation of Poland


In the small Israeli town of Caesarea in 2012, TBN founder Paul Crouch laid his hands on son Matthew Crouch and wife Laurie, passing on to them the mantle of anointing God had placed over him and Jan nearly forty years earlier to take the love of Jesus to the world through Christian television.


Matthew W. Crouch has been named Chairman of the Board of the Trinity Broadcasting Family of Networks (TBN), the world's largest Christian television network. TBN's Board of Directors unanimously elected Mr. Crouch to the position during meetings September 4th.


When actor Dean Jones passed away September 1st at the age of 84, long-time TBN viewers recalled him as a gracious man of God whose appearances on Praise the Lord and other TBN programs dated back to 1974, shortly after he had given his life to Christ.



When evangelist and TBN ministry partner James Robison knelt down with Pastor Sammy Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, little did anyone know the incredible things the Holy Spirit was about to orchestrate.