Allen Jackson Now

Allen Jackson NOW

Allen Jackson NOW: Christian Wisdom for a Struggling Nation

Television is filled with dysfunction, and the world is drowning in it. Negativity has saturated people of all ages, fed by competition to the bottom on social media.

What if someone new came along with a fresh operating principle? A person who has traveled the world, seen the worst of it but deals strictly with how to move forward. An honest and inspiring leader who has lived the full Christian life as a pastor and uses his wisdom to inspire others. Meet Allen Jackson.

Allen cannot be compared to anyone in the current media market because the business has not showcased anyone like him. Allen Jackson NOW is a lifeline for a struggling and anxious nation. A guiding hand for those who are not ready to give up, and for those who want to find a way past the negativity--before things get worse.

Americans still have hope, they are searching for the wisdom embedded in a Christian worldview. Allen Jackson will be that missing link for a nation unhinged.

Tune in to Allen Jackson NOW on TBN and discover the hope, guidance, and wisdom you need to navigate these challenging times.


Monday, Jun 17th
11:00 PM
Tuesday, Jun 18th
11:00 PM
Wednesday, Jun 19th
11:00 PM

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