Drive Thru History Holiday Special: Saint Patrick's Day

Join Dave Stotts from Drive Thru History as he takes a special trip through the history of Saint Patrick’s Day. March 17th – the date of Patrick’s death – is celebrated in America as a day to wear green, march in parades, and visit pubs, but what’s the real history of Saint Patrick’s Day? Who was this incredible man of faith, courage, and character?Dave Stotts travels to ancient Hibernia – “the Land of Winter” -- to investigate Patrick and the day named after him. Dave treks nearly 800 miles -- from the rugged shores of Northern Ireland to the desolate island monastery of Skellig Michael at the furthest point south. He visits Slemish Mountain, where Patrick spent his early years as a slave shepherd; the Village of Saul, where he planted his first church; the Hill of Slane, where he challenged the pagan rulers of a barbarian land; and the iconic Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin where he is honored to this day. Saint Patrick’s Day on TBN -- It’s an epic journey through Ireland that you don’t want to miss!